Come join us on our Daily route out to the                                        . Were you can enjoy slots, table games and                          . Enjoy the ride to and from the Casino on one of our relaxing shuttles. while enjoying a beatiful scenery and landscaping on your way to the casino. We have Four different pick-up and drop-off locations. Come and join us any day off the week. For details you can                         .    

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   Daily Picks Up Routes are Monday - Sunday
                National City
                 Kimball Towers: 1317 D Ave.
     Departs: 8:30am          Casino Depart: 2:00pm
                  Chula Vista
      Palomar Trolley Station: 1265 Industrial Ave.
             (at Bus Cut-Out on Industrial Ave.)
       Departs: 8:00am      Casino Depart: 2:00pm 
                         Spring Valley
                 Sweetwater Rd. - Spring Valley Mall
           (near SMART & fINAL/K-Mart parking lot)
         Departs: 8:45am     Casino Depart: 2:00pm
                           El Cajon
                  297 S. Marshall St., El Cajon
             (across the street from Recycling Ca.
                      Metals & Electronics)
         Departs: 9:00am    Casino Depart: 2:00pm