Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should I book my charter bus rental?
        A. Three (3) to four (4) weeks in advance is recommended. However some dates in April, May, June and many weekend dates we recommend to book (1) month in advance, off-peak travel in January and February can be booked up to a week before your trip.

Q. Do Ace Tours Buses have regular scheduled runs from city to city?
        A. No, Ace Tours is mainly a charter operation for groups who charter the complete bus to go to the destination of their choice. There are occasional tours that are advertised for trips to cities such as Las Vegas,  and Laughlin.

Q. Does Ace Tours arrange for tickets at attractions and arrange tours?
        A. Yes, we will be glad to help assist with your plans, please contact one of our travel coordinators for more information.

Q. Can Ace Tours accommodate handicapped passengers?
        A. Not at this time. We are currently in the process of adding a bus to our fleet with wheelchair lift capabilities.

Q. Can we take food or drinks on the charter buses?
        A. Yes, food and drinks on the bus is permitted. We request that the bus is kept picked-up for the group's comfort.

Q. Can we smoke on the charter bus?
        A. No, Ace Tours has a no smoking policy while on the bus.

Q. Where can the charter bus come to pick us up?
        A. We come to you, we can pick you up where ever you want and take you directly to your destination. If it is an Ace Tours scheduled trip, please contact the appointed travel coordinator for pick-up / drop-off locations.

Q. Do your Charter Buses have restrooms?
        A. Yes, all of our buses except the 29 passenger bus rental are restroom equipped.

Q. What other amenities are on the charter bus?
       A. All of our buses are equipped with DVDs, AM/FM/CD radios, PA systems, reclining seats, individual reading lights, and air conditioning. Feel free to bring your favorite videos to watch or CD’s to listen to while traveling.

Q. Where do you store my suitcase and how much luggage can I take on the charter bus?
      A. All of our buses have ample storage space under the bus and overhead compartments to accomodate up to two (2) suitcases and one (1) carry-on bag per traveler.

Q. Is the driver gratuity included in the price of the charter bus?
      A. No. Driver’s gratuity, it is at the customer's discretion.

Q. Is the group responsible for the driver's meals and lodging?
      A. The driver normally is responsible for his/her own meals. The drivers accommodation costs are built into the quote provided for your overnight trips.